• Competition Dates: Quarterly Beginning The 1st of the year.
  • Cost: $0
  • Where: Online Worldwide
  • Eligibility:  All musicians are welcome to join the website to promote their music worldwide for free.  However, this competition is meant to help local musicians get their music heard worldwide.  Musicians with or have had major label support or financing are not eligible for the cash prizes, but are welcome to join for marketing purposes.  Additionally, all fans are welcome to join the competition for free to promote their favorite bands.  However, the fan achievements for cash prizes are meant for real fans of music voting for their favorite music and not companies or corporations.  Any fans with major financial support are not eligible for the cash prizes.
  • Submission Deadline:  There is no submission deadline.  The competition runs quarterly throughout the year starting the 1st quarter 2016 (Jan 1).  New voting will begin after the last competition is over, but your network of fans and musicians will continue to build.
  • What to Submit:  Post new mp3’s, videos, merchandise, news and photos at least once a month.  The more content you submit the more hits you will get and thus more votes.  However, you will want to only submit quality music since your music is listened to by thousands of people
  • How to Submit:  Simply set up a free musician or fan profile on and then post your favorite music content. 
  • How Do Fans Participate:  Fans can participate through our fan achievements by voting for their favorite videos, songs, merchandise, news and photos and sharing their favorite musicians’ content.  Facebook has “like” and Benefit Music has “vote”.
  • Voting: Fans can vote one time for their favorite musicians, songs, videos, news & photos. As a musician adds new content their fans can again vote one time on each item.  Votes will not count if the musician is voting for themselves!!!  Your votes will not count if you set up multiple fan accounts and vote for yourself!!
  • NO CHEATING:  This website is for musicians who want to promote their music worldwide.  This can be done by posting new music content on a regular basis and sharing your content with your fans.  Adding new fans will help build your fan base to vote for your music content.  Voting for yourself will not be tolerated!!!
  • Musician Cash Prize: The top musician will win $100+.  Additional bonus money will be added to the pot based on the number of musicians in the competition (so get out there and invite more musicians to join!!!).  For example if there are 1,000 musicians in the competition and additional $100 will be added to the pot (capped at a $1,000 total prize purse). The winning musician must share on Facebook at least once a month.  Payment is only sent through Paypal!!!  To give other musicians the opportunity to win, musicians can only win once a year!!
  • Additional Competition Rewards:  Top Ranked musicians may receive additional promotion such as submission to radio stations, record labels, sponsors, media coverage, and more.  Additionally, our top ranked musicians may have the opportunity to perform at the Gaslamp in Los Angeles, California on one of our monthly music festivals.